Our Mission

At BioOx, our mission is simple.

We apply chemistry and biotechnology to help the planet and the people on it.

“The goal of working in the lab is to get out of the lab. We want to take those discoveries--those innovations--and apply them to real problems in ways that make a difference for real people.”

For BioOx, sustainability, health, and science go hand-in-hand. Our cutting-edge technology creates clean, breathable air that leads to increased comfort and better medical outcomes. We apply our natural, sustainable solutions to indoor pool complexes, a greenhouses, hospitals, and a host of other facilities to improve air quality and create a safer, more enjoyable environment.

BioOx technology doesn’t just make environmental sense – It makes financial sense.

Somewhere along the way, we were all sold the myth that cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness were a trade-off: You could do the right thing for the planet, or you could do the right thing for your wallet.

With BioOx, we’ve challenged all of that.

Our technology uses renewable solutions to improve quality of life and reduce environmental health risks, all while saving you money. BioOx actually cleans the air, which means you save money on your energy bill.

At BioOx, we’re changing the way people think about the air they breathe. We’re leaving a positive impact on the health of the Earth, and making it a safer, more enjoyable place for the people who live here.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

Our Unique Approach

For decades now, the world has been reliant on both chemicals and overly complex infrastructure to provide some nominal level of air-filtration. This often leads to either modest filtration results, or at worse, the same level of toxic particulates as when the filtration first began.

With BioOx, we’ve finally created the game changer the world’s been waiting for. With our unique approach, harmful toxins and particulates are attacked by highly specialized natural enzymes leaving nothing but clean and breathable air.

This is bio protecting bio.

Sam Sofer, PhD, PE President
Ken Schapiro Director of Sales
Melissa Schapiro Communications
George Jarchaflieh Project Manager