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Breathe better
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Air Cleaning Solutions
for Equine Facilities

BioOx® is an innovative and natural system that provides horses, barns and stables with clean, healthy air. Harnessing the power of biotech, BioOx® actually captures particulates in a specialized all-natural enzyme and microbe solution, rendering contaminants like dust, ammonia, bacteria and viruses harmless. BioOx® Equine air purification systems provide a “clean air zone” around your horses and facilities.

Horses that breathe better are both stronger and faster.

How BioOx helps your horse

Ammonia is a poison your horse needs to eliminate. It uses energy, and oxygen to convert it to urea, and gets rid of it through urine.
Bacteria converts the urine back into ammonia, and your horse constantly re-breathes the poisonous ammonia, increasing the ammonia concentration in your horse.
High ammonia concentrations imposes stress and depletes more energy and oxygen from your horse, draining its energy and vitality (it can even cause confusion and lack of coordination).
BioOx ‘eats’ the ammonia fumes, relieving the stress on your horse and its liver, and leaves it with more energy and oxygen, for better health and performance.

A Multitude of Options

BioOx units are available in four sizes:


Model 85 is the smallest in the BioOx system. It measures approximately 66cm x 28cm (26in x 15in) and is perfect for harness rooms, training rooms, worker's break rooms and offices.


Model 300 is the most common unit in the BioOx system. It measures 112cm x 53cm (44in x 21in) and is the most popular option. This unit is effective for 1 or 2 horse stalls and additional units will increase it's effective area.


Model 650 is ideal for capturing and destroying toxic ammonia contaminants in barns, stables, and is effective in covering 4-5 stalls. Additional units will increase its effective area.


Model 5000's are incredibly powerful and can be used for horse arenas where they are generally placed near the exits.

The exact size and number of units needed for an equine facility depend on its size and layout. We are happy to work with you to design a plan that best fits your facility’s needs.

Racing Stables & Farms

Barns and horse facilities are dusty environments filled with pollutants like allergens, viruses and bacteria that dramatically impact a horse’s overall respiratory system.

BioOx® Equine not only removes airborne particulate matter, but is one of the only systems available to completely and naturally remove ammonia and minimizes the risk of outbreaks from Equine Herpes Virus, Strangles and more.

Since BioOx® removes all manner of particulates from the environment, your employees, service providers, trainers, jockeys and more will also be protected.

Foaling & Breeding Facilities

Expectant mares and newborn foals are especially vulnerable to airborne pollutants, strong ammonia and disease. Give foals the best start in life by installing a BioOx® Equine unit in your barns. Regardless of your stall hygiene or the bedding your mares foal out on, ammonia builds up quickly. BioOx® Equine helps keep your foaling barns ammonia free and as sanitary as possible.

With stallions and mares coming and going, it’s critical to be vigilant when it comes to the spread of disease. Protect your investment with BioOx® Equine’s air purification systems in your breeding facilities.

Training Centers

Whether track training, in a round pen or on hot walker, horses unfortunately breathe in a substantial amount of dust. Add in the ammonia buildup from daily life in a stall and you have a recipe for respiratory issues and poor performance. It has been proven that cleaner air – free of dust, allergens and contaminants – can reduce "Bleeders."

Bleeding effects and frequency are dramatically mitigated by providing a clean, minimally dusty environment. BioOx® Equine offers an easy-to-use, natural solution to remove dust and particulate matter. It is the only system that can fully remove air-borne ammonia from stalls and not just blow it away temporarily.

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