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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have begun to truly understand the need for biosecurity preparedness.
The Future Of Healthcare Is In The Air You Breathe

The Most Powerful Air Cleaning System Ever

BioOx Reactors are small machines that sit discretely in the corner of the room and plug into standard electrical outlets. They contain a mixture of plain water and natural enzymes. Within just a matter of hours of turning on your bio-reactor your air will be cleaner and healthier, and feel fresher as a variety of harmful particles are removed.

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Other Machines Filter, Our Bioreactor Scrubs.

Using patented biotechnology, our freestanding BioOx units use natural enzymes to neutralize harmful airborne pathogens and toxins.

BioOx units draw in all forms of contaminants, expelling clean air and making your facility a dramatically healthier and more enjoyable place to be.

Traditional HVAC systems are not only expensive but just move harmful air around.

BioOx systems actually decontaminates the air, by capturing particulates within a specialized all-natural enzyme and microbe solution, rendering contaminants like dust, ammonia, formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses harmless. Installing a BioOx air purification system provides a “clean air zone” throughout your facilities.

Best of all, no filters are needed and absolutely no drilling, rewiring or construction of any kind is required.

Filtering performance – BioOx vs Ionic vs HEPA¹

Airborne Pathogens? Not With Us There Isn’t

BioOx solution significantly reduces viral and bacterial pathogen concentrations.* In a study conducted at a hospital in Saronno, Italy, our bio-reactor reduced the airborne microbial population and particulate matter (PM) in hospital visiting rooms and attached waiting areas.

Particulates removed over a 34 day period² (Lower is better)


From Urgent Care To Hospital, Bioox Scales With You.

Whether you’re running a local dentist office, urgent care or the largest healthcare network in your region, BioOx systems offers a system that fits your air cleaning needs. From the compact and efficient 85 series to the titan class 5000 series, our systems can grow as your healthcare operation does the same.


Get Your Seal Of Approval…Ours.

For a limited time, we are certifying healthcare locations that install the appropriate BioOx Unit(s) with certification and signage that can be displayed at your location so your patients know you’re making huge strides to ensure their safety as well as your own.


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    1. Testing conducted in an independent lab and compared the change in concentration of several public health pathogens – including H1N1, Legionella, Influenza B, MRSA and others.
    2. Testing conducted in an area of 1000 square meters hosting 4 visiting rooms and a waiting area for 100 people, with a daily turnover of 1300 patients seeking for medical advice. BioOx efficiency was tested in a working hospital in Saronno, Italy.

BioOx Air Cleaning Systems are solving air quality challenges in industries around the world. To explore how you can achieve energy efficiency through air quality management, visit us at, write to us at Air & Water Solutions, Inc., 11 Melanie Lane #23 East Hanover, NJ 07936