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Investment built on a solid foundation of innovation.

Brief Overview


Our strategy is to build a leading, biotech focused company powered by bioengineering and data science.

Leadership & Governance

Air & Water Solutions Inc. brings together the first truly multi-disciplinary leadership in a biotech company. With a diverse-array of talents, our team identifies market needs, innovates highly-effective sustainable solutions, and disseminate our products and services to world industries in critical need of our unique solutions.

Our leadership roster includes:

Sam S. Sofer, PhD

President & Chief Scientist

Jon Benz

Chief Operating Officer

Al Pritchard

Business Development

Richard Hoffman

Financial Officer

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BioOx holds over two dozen patents worldwide as well as a host of proprietary formulations, technologies, and large scale industry services.

BioOx Reactor

Our bio-reactor is a unique, patented design that revolutionizes how air is cleaned. By using convection, molecular charge attraction, and bio-oxidation all in an immobilized cell structure, BioOx Reactor is able to create a powerful localized “black-hole” in which particles within 0.0001 microns in size are unable to escape it’s grasp.

BioOx Media

Our proprietary liquid formulations are used in tandem with the BioOx Reactor in order to isolate and destroy captured particulates. All forms of contaminants are rendered harmless through bio-oxidation including (but not limited to) dust, ammonia, formaldehyde, chloramines, VOCs, bacteria and viruses.

These formulations include:

  • BioOx Media Gold: Our most widely used formulation is traditionally used in healthcare, corporate, retail, educational, animal shelters/ kennels and equine facilities. Media Gold is excellent at isolating and destroying dust, ammonia, formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses.
  • BioOx Media Blue: Similar to Media Gold, Blue also specifically targets chloramines released in the air and is widely used in indoor-pool environments where chlorinated water is often correlated with asthma.
  • BioOx Media Red: Media Red is a highly specialized formulation used to restore ecological balance during highly toxic environmental catastrophes such as chemical or oil spills.

BioOx Grow

Grow is a natural, sustainable solution used in agricultural applications and supercharges biological relationships that already occur naturally. The enzymes in BioOx Grow allow nutrients to get to the root of the plant much faster, which means the plants are able to grow larger, broader and healthier.

ROx Booster

Short for “Reserve Oxygen”, ROx booster is a proprietary, ingestible formulation that increases blood oxygen reserves in the body.

ROx Analyzer

This game-changing proprietary analyzing unit is used to measure the blood oxygen reserves in blood samples.

Bio Solids

Bio solids are the solid waste that are produced in all municipal sewage treatment plants. Through AWS’ proprietary biological processes, we extract metals used in EV batteries, rare earths, and precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum.

Select Client Roster

Our portfolio of biological products and services are in use by recognized brands and institutions such as:

City of Albuquerque New Mexico

Benjamin Moore Paint


Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine

New York University

Drew University

Emory University

Princeton High School

In-house & Independent Testing

All products in the BioOx portfolio have both extensive in-house as well as independent testing performed to record accurate, real-world results.

Select independent testing partners with verified results include Sandia National LabsUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and Rutgers University Medical School.


US National Science Foundation Award: Small Business Innovation Research

Business Achievement Award, Technology Merit Award for biological air and water cleaning systems for industry, Environmental Business Journal

NJ Technology Innovation Award

Interested in talking?

(301) 246-0151

BioOx Air Cleaning Systems are solving air quality challenges in industries around the world. To explore how you can achieve energy efficiency through air quality management, visit us at, write to us at Air & Water Solutions, Inc., 11 Melanie Lane #23 East Hanover, NJ 07936