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Digital Brochures

International Poultry Production

April 11, 2024

Digital Brochures

Digital Brochures

BioOx Reactor Brochure

Take a look at the BioOx Reactor product line.

BioOx Grow Brochure

Grow is changing how we think about agriculture. Be part of the revolution.

BioOx Reactor for Healthcare

Discover how BioOx is safeguarding patients and medical professionals alike in healthcare.

BioOx Reactor for Retail

Discover how BioOx is restoring confidence in the retail industry.

BioOx Reactor for Industry

See how BioOx is increasing productivity in industry.

BioOx Reactor for Aquatics

See how BioOx dramatically improves both swimmer health and performance.

BioOx Reactor for Equine

Find out how the BioOx system is improving equine performance.

BioOx Reactor for Pets

There's a reason why BioOx is empowering kennel owners everywhere. Find out why.

Videos on Demand

Digital Brochures

BioOx Spotlight: J & M Retrievers

October 21, 2021

Take an in-depth look at how J&M Retrievers leverages the power of clean air to make a set himself apart from other dog kennels and training facilities in their area.

BioOx Spotlight: White Bridge Stables

October 20, 2021

Michelle Benz of White Bridge Stables discusses the postive impact of the BioOx Reactor on her high-end horse stable located in in Mountain Iron, MN.

BioOx Spotlight: Hagerstown YMCA

November 6, 2019

Hagerstown YMCA staff discuss why they chose BioOx and how it has improved their swimming pools.

Introducing BioOx Pets

November 6, 2019

A vignette of how BioOx is empowering kennel owners everywhere.

BioOx Swim: How it Works

November 6, 2019

Welcome to BioOx Swim. By Air Water Solutions.

Bode Miller: Horses on treadmills

October 25, 2017

Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller offers Graham a tour of his horse training facility in Maryland, equipped with a treadmill, hyperbaric chamber and BioOx air filtration system. BioOx is introduced 2:00 minutes into the video.

BioOx in the Press

Digital Brochures

AskAnnie - Episode 56: Sam Sofer, PhD, PE, President & Chief Scientist Air & Water Solutions, BioOx

Horse & Rider Magazine interviews Dr. Sam Sofer about how BioOx is changing the way we think about air quality in horse stables across the country.

Healthy Critters Podcast: Air Cleaners for Barns, Quercetin for Horses, Songbirds, by Biostar US

May 10, 2021

The Horse Radio Network talks with Dr. Sam Sofer and Olympian Bode Miller on air filtration systems for barns...

Swimming World Magazine: How to Destroy Viruses and Keep Indoor Pool Air Safe

October 27, 2020

The U.S. economy has reopened, yet many avid swimmers are hesitant to engage in the sport they love. Your facility has invested in and maintains...

News Break: Reopening Your Swimming Pool Safely

Soon, hopefully, things will start to get back to normal. Schools, YMCAs, colleges, etc., will be opening their pools. Will these places be safe?

Swim Swam Magazine: BioOx Air-Cleaning System: Get to know us - From Our Customers

March 6, 2018

For the past few months, we at BioOx have been telling you all about our air-cleaning system and the work we’re doing to make indoor swimming more comfortable...

Swim Swam Magazine: BioOx Air-Cleaning System succesful at Valley Central

January 24, 2018

From Ohio to New York to Georgia, pools across the country have seen dramatically improved pool air as a result of the BioOx system. A particular focus of Valley Central...

Swim Swam Magazine: Clean Affordable Pool Air is For Everyone

January 10, 2018

Coughing. Teary eyes. Constant breathing problems. Atrocious chlorine smell. For generations of swimmers, this has been the status quo at indoor meets and training facilities. At Air & Water Solutions, we refuse to accept that...

Swim Swam Magazine: Air Cleaning System takes on challenge of junior nationals; surprises attendees of indoor meets

December 11, 2017

BioOx, a cutting-edge air cleaning system from Air & Water Solutions, was in operation for the Winter Junior Nationals...