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BioOx Leadership

Sam Sofer, PhD, PE

President & Chief Scientist
Air & Water Solutions

Inventor of BioOx

Sam Sofer has dedicated his professional life to improving the planet through scientific discovery. With over four decades of experience in applied biochemistry and biomedical engineering, Sam brings a passion for for health and environmental problem solving to every aspect of his work.

While earning his bachelor’s degree in the 1970s, Sam spent three years conducting research on steroid biosynthesis in a Nobel Prize-winning lab. He then went on to work for a Fortune 500 company while pursuing his master’s full time from Texas A&M.

He later became a professor and chair of the chemical engineering department at the University of Oklahoma, before relocating to the East Coast to serve as sponsored chair of biotechnology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. After a 17-year stint at NJIT, during which he oversaw four separate research groups and ran the university’s first biotechnology lab, Sam founded Air & Water Solutions to expand upon his research and bring his innovations to a wider audience.

Sam currently lives in Nutley, New Jersey, where he enjoys poetry, playing tennis, and spending time with his grandkids.