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BioOx Reactor 85/300/650 Quick Start Guide

A one page setup guide for Reactors 85, 300, and 650. (Does not include dosage schedule)

BioOx Reactor 85/300/650 Owner's Manual

A complete manual to operation and maintenance for Reactors 85, 300, and 650.

BioOx Media Dosage Schedule

Updated dosage chart for use with Reactors 85, 300, 650 and 5000 in both COVID and non COVID environments.

BioOx Reactor Warranty

Full Warranty Information for our Reactor Unit

BioOx Reactor Warranty Claim Form

Fill out our Warranty Claim to start your request

Safety Data Sheets

BioOx Grow SDS

November 4th, 2021 / Rev. 1

Frequently Asked Questions

BioOx Grow SDS

Our answers to the most popular questions about our Bio-Reactor.