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BioOx ushers in a new era of clean, breathable air for your swimming pool.

A Revolutionary Air-Cleaning System

Using patented biotechnology, our freestanding BioOx units use natural enzymes to destroy harmful toxins in the air.

BioOx units draw in chloramines and other toxins, expelling clean air and making your facility a healthier and more enjoyable place to swim.

Superior to Traditional Solutions

HVAC systems simply move air around, increasing operating costs. The BioOx system actually cleans the air, decreases operating costs and dramatically lowers corrosion throughout the facility. BioOx units plug right into standard electrical outlets and require no construction of any kind.


Made in the U.S.A.

How BioOx Works at the Pool

A Multitude of Options

BioOx units are available in four sizes:


13" x 25"

Model 85 is the smallest in the BioOx system and is perfect for locker rooms, front lobbies or small therapy pools.


21" x 45"

Model 300 has been used exclusively and successfully in many pools but is now often used in complement with the 650 model. When used exclusively, it is best suited to smaller pools.


29" x 54"

Model 650 is the perfect blend of power and portability. It is our primary model used at commercial pools. A 25-yard pool will normally require 4 units, with a 50-meter pool requiring 6-8 units.


37" x 52"

Model 5000 is not normally used at pools, but its industrial strength air cleaning power could be right for certain large pool situations.

The exact size and number of units needed for a swimming facility depend on its size and layout. We are happy to work with you to design a plan that best fits your facility’s needs.

Versatile Technology

BioOx Swim improves health and quality of life in a variety of facilities and settings:


Swimmers spend hours each day in the water, and coaches spend hours each day on the pool deck. Every day, they’re breathing in harmful chemicals that lead to coughing, teary eyes and difficult breathing. By getting rid of toxic chemicals, the BioOx system ensures all patrons have a healthier and more pleasant experience - whether they’re training for Olympic qualifiers, coaching at the collegiate level or watching their child’s swim lesson.


A trip to a waterpark should be a time for family fun, but visitors can quickly feel congested and ill from the chlorine-filled air. Several BioOx units stationed around the pools and water slides can keep visitors safe and help them better enjoy their experience.


Whether a guest is traveling for work or fun, a hotel pool is an added benefit that can help enhance their experience. BioOx units make guests more comfortable as they enjoy your facility and they also prevent the chlorine odor that frequently spreads into rooms and hallways located near the pool.


Therapy pools are an integral part of training and recovery - make sure swimmers and patients are spending time under the best conditions. It only takes 1-2 BioOx units to dramatically improve conditions in pools like these and optimize the time that users spend in them.

Zero Distractions, Zero Disruptions

BioOx units are so nonintrusive that patrons may not even notice them. Units are placed off to the side of a room or pool deck, often in corners, and pose no safety risk to swimmers, coaches or employees.

Whether a guest is traveling for work or fun, a hotel pool is an added benefit that can help enhance their experience. BioOx units make guests more comfortable as they enjoy your facility, and they also prevent the chlorine odor that frequently spreads into rooms and hallways located near the pool.

Stress­free Maintenance

The BioOx system requires very little upkeep. Just add water to each unit about once a week and pour in the BioOx media—a chemical­free liquid comprised of natural enzymes—1-2 times per month. A minimal cleaning 3-4 times each year helps keep the BioOx units functioning most efficiently.

Simple Installation

The entire BioOx system can be easily installed in under 2 hours, and your facility can remain open the entire time. Simply plug the units into the wall, fill with water and add a small amount of the BioOx media.

Affordable Efficiency

The BioOx system can be purchased for a small fraction of the cost of HVAC air cleaners. We keep costs incredibly low because there is no construction or extra equipment needed to install our system.

While exact price varies based on facility size, the BioOx system costs up to 90 percent less than other solutions. Alternatively, customers can participate in the BioOx Rent­To­Own program, which offers a monthly payment plan for financial flexibility.

What They're Saying


Two-time world championship medalist

“The BioOx air cleaners have an immense positive impact on air quality, and I felt that my workouts and training were much more productive, enjoyable and healthy due to the improved air quality.”


Nationally ranked Australian swimmer

"Coming to New York City, especially in the hot summer months, I was fearful of the potential for poor indoor air quality. I have always been sensitive to poorly ventilated chlorinated pool air, but I was amazed to find that I had absolutely no issue with the air at Asphalt Green, even on the hottest days. Without the BioOx air cleaners I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to train at my best during my time at Asphalt Green. They managed to keep the air suitable for an elite training environment at all times.”


Mother of teenage swimmer in NJ

“The air quality at the pool has always been inconsistent. The air is thick and humid, your eyes would water, to say nothing of the conditions on the deck for the children. You could see a haze over the pool and the kids would often cough and need to open the doors for fresh air. Now the air is "lighter" and it's much easier to breathe. I liken it to the difference between the air on a humid July day and a crisp October morning. It is so much better and the swimmers have noticed a difference as well.”

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