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The Science

Dig deeper into the science that makes BioOx work

Featured Topics

BioOx Reactor Comprehensive Performance Data

November 2020

Reserve Oxygen (ROx) / Booster Oxygen (BOx) Full Data Sheet

August 2020

Reduce Airborne Coronavirus Transmission With BioOx Air Cleaning

March 2020

BioOx Air "Scrubbers" versus Conventional Air "Filters"

January 2020

How BioOx creates the most effective clean air zone

December 2019

Clinical Studies

Pain and ROx Clinical Study

Rutgers University School of Medicine

January 2021

Hepatitis C and ROx Clinical Study

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

January 2021

BioOx Air Cleaning Systems are solving air quality challenges in industries around the world. To explore how you can achieve energy efficiency through air quality management, visit us at, write to us at Air & Water Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 627, Nutley, New Jersey 07110.