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Corporate values and foundation that aren't so corporate

While other companies are trying to clean up their act,
we started that way

Product Values

Local material sourcing reduces carbon footprint.

BioOx has succesfully sourced more than 80% of the raw materials needed to produce our bio-reactors locally in the United States.

Sourcing locally means we not only have complete control over the supply chain, but we dramatically reduce the amount of fuel and transportation needed to deliver the materials to our manufacturing plants. When you reduce your use of fuel, you reduce your total carbon footprint.

Built to last.

Your unit is designed to be incredibly long lasting.

Not only is your unit made of durable materials, but we’ve intentionally avoided using gimmicky features and electronics that over-complicate the product design and lead to premature parts failure. With proper care and regular maintenance, it’s not uncommon for our bio-reactors to last for more than a decade of uninterrupted use.

Made in the U.S.A.

Not many companies can claim that their products are made domestically for the domestic market. We can.

From designing to protoyping, raw materials to injection molding, welding to final assembly, your products are made, packaged and shipped right here in the Continental U.S.A.

Recyclable is our middle name.

From the smallest Reactor 85 to the titan-class 5000 and 10000 series, our non-electrical components (such as the water reservoir tank, air water inlet tray and the core pipe) are made with fully recylcable polyethylene.

Polyethylene (PE), is a fully recyclable thermoplastic polymer used widely in a variety of products. This form of polymer is rugged and extremely resistant to various chemical solvents and acids. Polyethylene’s resin identification code is 5.

The recycling process involves cleaning and reprocessing by melting and producing new products from recycled polypropylene. Collected PE products can be fed into an extruder where it is melted at 4,640 °F (2,400 °C) and then cut into fine granules with very little loss of material. These PE pellets are then ready for use in the manufacturing of new products.

Staff Diversity and Inclusion

We've worked together from the outset.

Here at BioOx, we are committed to building a culture of diversity and inclusion that brings both innovation and opportunity to our corporate collective. Our team represents both men and women as well as a wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds.

We believe in the wisdom that was brought to us from the latin phrase:

“E pluribus unum”, “Out of Many, One”.

The highest standards applied at every level.

BioOx Air Cleaning Systems are solving air quality challenges in industries around the world. To explore how you can achieve energy efficiency through air quality management, visit us at, write to us at Air & Water Solutions, Inc., 11 Melanie Lane #23 East Hanover, NJ 07936