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BioOx Grow

BioOx Grow not only stimulates sustainable, robust agricultural growth, but also detoxifies your soil, destroying oils, gasoline, pesticides and herbicides in the process.

Revolutionizing the Farming Process.

With BioOx Grow, we’re changing the way plants are grown. We’re nixing the all-too-common farming practices that harm the planet and compromise our well-being in favor of safe and healthy alternatives.

BioOx Grow supercharges biological relationships that already occur naturally. The organic enzymes in BioOx Grow allow nutrients to get to the root of the plant much faster, which means the plants are able to grow larger, broader and healthier.

Farming with BioOx Grow doesn’t require any substantial changes to the agricultural process:

– No new machinery

– No expensive redesign of your land or greenhouse

The Fundamentals

Generating Tangible, Sustainable Improvements.

“All natural” can often feel like code for “settling” when it comes to biomass and crop yield.

With BioOx Grow, it’s actually the opposite.

Our proprietary technology has been shown to increase the size and amount of crops grown.

BioOx Grow increases crop yield and biomass by up to 40% or more on average. Each plant’s ability to catalyze nutrients is different, but BioOx Grow has an undeniably positive effect on yield and biomass.

Up To


Increase In Crop And Biomass Yield

By the numbers

How BioOx Grow sequesters heavy metals from soil.

Growth isn’t the only indicator as to whether or not a plant is healthy. Heavy metal absorption is a common issue that most plants and crops experience and those metals are particularly concerning in our food chain consumption. BioOx Grow effectively sequesters heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium from soil and keeps such toxic elements from polluting our food supply.

Lead Absorption
Isotherm of Pb(II) biosorption by biobeads in column reactor operated at 25-30C

Chromium Absorption
Isotherm of Cr (III) biosorption by biobeads in column reactor operated at 25-30C

Cadmium Absorption
Isotherm of Cr (III) biosorption by biobeads in column reactor operated at 25-30C


Raging forest fires.
The unfortunate reality of our future.

As our world’s climate and weather systems are changing, increased heat and drought have created an increase in the risk or likelihood of wildfires. Longer fire seasons are also adding to the volatility.

As wildfires continue to rage on throughout the world, VOCs & aerosolized oil droplets are leaving our soil and air riddled with toxic components that are harmful to plants and humans alike.

BioOx Grow (as well as BioOx Media Red) can ameliorate these issues by intelligently digesting harmful VOCs, oil droplets, and aid in returning soil to a natural healthy balance.


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  1. Testing conducted at the biotechnology department of the New Jersey Institute of Technology

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