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The New Standard for
Continued Overall Natural Health

What is BioOxygen?

BioOxygen is the only bound oxygen supplement developed as an effective dietary supplement to boost ROX (Reservoir of Oxygen) levels.

Significant signaling molecules such as Oxygen and Nitric Oxide are necessary for providing the body with the source of energy required to strengthen the immune system, and power the operation of all the cells and organs.

BioOxygen is a proprietary beverage that binds oxygen into tightly packed bundles. BioOxygen also packs nitrogen oxide (NO) into tightly packed bundles. These ROX bundles of O2 and NO are highly pressurized. They are available to supply energy to the body’s weakest points. ROX is derived from naturals microorganisms and aids in detoxifying the body. BioOxygen contains catalase, a critical enzyme that protect the body from oxidative damage and from free radicals.

What is ROx?

ROX stands for “Reserve Oxygen” which powers your muscles and nervous system. ROX can be measured in your blood and helps you monitor your immune health. Proper levels of ROX in the body can lead to greater strength, coordination, and a stronger immune response in the body.

How to Keep your ROx in Balance

  • Reduce toxic and emotional stress.
  • Keep air, food and water clean of environmental toxins
  • Practice relaxation and moderate exercise
  • Supplement with BioOxygen as needed.

Natural System of Health and Healing

Oxygen is a significant and potent tool for the body’s defense against invading foreign chemicals and organisms. The storage and release of oxygen is essential for the body’s natural mechanism for protection. Oxygen moves from red blood cells and concentrates into Reserve Oxygen (ROX) bundles which equips the body for a more optimal immune response. Unlike free oxygen, ROX bundles move in water, plasma, and tissue, traveling towards specific points of need to release oxygen at the site. This release occurs in a sharp and focused manner, targeting where and when the oxygen is needed. Boosting ROX levels with BioOxygen, strengthens the body’s innate intelligence to create an environment for sustained health and overall well-being.